Friday, April 5, 2013

Sweet Gig

I've had a sweet gig here in Sioux City.  I'm in two positions where I get to write scripts that pretty much have a guarantee of being performed for an audience.  And I get to direct those scripts, so I can ensure that they are performed as close to my vision as possible.  And I get to work with actors who are enthusiastic and fun and eager to do well.  And I get to hand off the icky stuff I don't enjoy (sets, costumes, props, etc.) to someone else who does those things well and enjoys them.  Seriously, a sweet, sweet gig. 

Today ends one chapter of that gig.  My last full-length play with the FOCUS Players.  (We're doing a drama camp the first week of June, but that's something new we're trying and won't be a full-length play.)  For all I know, this may be the last full-length play I write and direct ever.  I mean, I certainly never dreamed when we came to Sioux City that God had this adventure in store for me here.  Who can imagine what he has in store for me in San Antonio?  I'm trying not to predict too much, because then I'll end up manipulating things to meet my expectations -- and God's plans always end up better than mine.

At last Tuesday's rehearsal, I was a bit worried about today's show.  My producer Kim and I have noticed that there is always a rehearsal, usually about half way through the process, when we get that panicked feeling that this is never going to come together in time.  Tuesday was that rehearsal.  And two days before dress rehearsal is not an opportune moment for that rehearsal.

But I had faith in my kids.  They are good kids.  They want to do a good show.  They knew they were weak on Tuesday, and they knew what they needed to do . . . and they did it.  Dress rehearsal yesterday raised my confidence again.  Really, I LOVE these kids.

Not that my primary goal is a great show.  That's an obvious aim, but not a primary goal.  My primary goals with the FOCUS Players are 1) that every student grow in some way during each show (in acting ability, in courage to try something new, in relationships with others); 2) that every student come away having had a good experience, even if they decide that theater is not their thing; and 3) that every student sees that drama can be an expression of worship and a means of ministry . . . and if playing pretend on a stage for applause can be worship and ministry, then so can every other gift God has given them -- mathematical ability, mechanical knowledge, people skills, fashion sense -- EVERYTHING that God has given them can and should be given back for His glory.

These are good kids.  I think they get that.  I will miss them so much.  Break a leg, my friends.  You've been a great blessing in my life.

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