Friday, January 1, 2010

Goodbye 2009 . . .

It's a new year. Resolution time, yes? I'm not that big on making resolutions, but I am one for making goals (there is a difference). However, before listing the things I'd like to see happen in our lives in the coming year, I think I'll take a minute to list the things I am happy happened in our lives in the last year.

For one, we're settled in our new home and we're content. We've put most everything away and dumped a lot of stuff we needed to get rid of -- something I've wanted to do for a long time. The girls are established in their schools and have made friends. After such a huge upheaval, it's no small thing to have established a home again.

Our family had a lot of fun times together this past year. Disneyland, county fairs, ball games, traveling on the east coast, shows and concerts ..... a lot of new experiences. Even a demolition derby.

Keith is still enjoying his job. Not that I expected that to change necessarily, but it certainly isn't a given. It has happened before that a pleasant work environment has turned on a dime and become miserable. How awful to spend ten hours a day, five days a week, in a place that you hate. I wouldn't wish that on anyone, much less my husband.

I've found something of a niche for myself here: the drama thing. Kim and I have somewhat established a new drama program for the homeschoolers. And as of this Sunday, I'll be officially in charge of the drama ministry at Sunnybrook Church (the woman in charge resigned -- don't think I mentioned it here yet -- more on that another day).

And on top of it all, I'm still blogging. And enjoying it. What's more, people seem to enjoy reading it. It was at the new year last year that I decided to let go of the family-update theme a bit and branch out. I said at the time that you were welcome not to read anymore if you weren't interested in my public journal. And I meant that. But it has been very gratifying how many of you have continued to read. I suppose everyone has days when they feel as worthless as an artificial plant. But it's nice now when I have those days to remember when some of you have said, "I needed to hear that today . . you made me think today . . you helped me heal today . . God spoke to me through you today."

Very gratifying indeed. I'm grateful for you all! Thanks for adding meaning to my year!


Meredith said...

1. I was thinking the other day when reading your facebook about the crazy low Iowa temperatures that maybe Keith should've gotten a job at a HOT soup company or something rather than an ice cream company, ha!
2. Is the drama leading thing still volunteer? I know Sunnybrook is big so maybe it had the potential to be a paid position? How cool it would be to get paid to do what you love! That is MY ultimate goal in life...
3. This is the Disney freak being picky: You went to Disney WORLD, not Disneyland. I have yet to go to Disneyland...that is another one of my life goals!! :)

GJK said...

My bad, Mer. I went to Disneyland when I was very young, don't remember it!