Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hello 2010!

I wrote in my last post about things that I'm happy happened in 2009. So, as I begin 2010, I'm considering New Year's 2011. Yes, really. I'm thinking, when I write my New Year's post next year, what are the things I want to be able to look back on in 2010 and be happy about?

Number one, I want my sleep problem to be solved. I also want to have lost some weight. That's not a crucial one for me (obviously, or I'd have put some effort into it before now!), but I do weigh more than I like, and I think I will feel better overall if I lose some fat and get more fit.

I want Keith to still enjoy his job. Again, never a given. I want to buy more locally-grown foods, for a variety of reasons. I've really become fond of my organic eggs I found at the farmer's market -- the store-bought ones look downright anemic anymore.

I want Leslie to have leaped her personal hurdles and be babysitting on a regular basis -- and loving it, like I know she will. That would include babysitting her little sister once in a while, which would make a lot of things in my life easier.

I want the girls to be happy and thriving in whatever educational environment they happen to be in by that time. And I want them each to have one or two really close friends. They have friends now, but no real "BFF"s, you know? Those are different -- and those take time.

I want to be heading up a successful, smooth-running drama ministry at Sunnybrook Church that touches people's hearts, uses people's gifts effectively, and doesn't keep me in a constant state of nervous tension. This is an intimidating venture for me, as is the homeschool drama program. Lots of potential for crashing and burning big time, here. But looking back on my posts from last year, a theme that seemed to keep cropping up was the need to step out boldly, to try things big enough that God has a chance to prove himself in them. David commented after one such post, "So what impossible things do you see laying before you?" Perhaps this is it.

I think those are the biggies. But I'd also like to find a good spaghetti sauce recipe. That's one that one of you out there may be able to help me with. Anyone? Anyone?

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