Friday, July 8, 2011

Calming the Child in the Storm

I'm kinda having a sucky week. I already wrote about the drama service Sunday that's weighing on me -- and those rehearsals have not gone as smoothly as I would have liked. But even beyond that, it's just been several days of little annoyances.

Like, the dog pooped in his bed yesterday morning. And while I was cleaning that up, he was peeing on the carpet. The recently cleaned carpet.

And as soon as we got home from rehearsal Wed night, my daughter realized she'd left her Bible and her ring at the church. So, we turned around and drove back again, exhausted and frustrated as I was.

And last night after rehearsal, I didn't realize my daughter and her friend were still in the church when I locked the doors and set the alarm. So, they ended up setting off the alarm -- which I couldn't get shut completely off -- and I had the wrong number to call the church administrator -- and in the end I apparently left the front door unlocked when I left . . . argh!!! That's the kind of week I'm having.

But here's the thing: after the call last night asking me about the alarm and letting me know I'd left the front door unlocked, I almost had to laugh. And I almost did. But even if I didn't actually LOL, I was pleasant about it. Tired, frustrated, but I smiled at my husband and kids.

You see, a few years ago, if I'd had a week like this, I would have been a wreck. Snapping at my kids, biting my husband's head off, crying in the bedroom, lying awake fretting in bed all night, wanting to crawl under the covers and never face the world again. I simply would have fallen apart.

But I'm sitting on the front steps this morning, watching the dog do his business (outside of the house -- yay for him) -- and I'm not only quite together, but I'm gratefully enjoying the beautiful sunshine and cool breeze. I'm amazed at myself. God has certainly done a good work in me over the last several years. If nothing else, maybe this sucky week served to show me once again what a good and faithful God I have.

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