Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Good Move

We just returned last night from a few days in New Jersey in our old stomping grounds (although my daughter insists she never stomped there. I beg to differ. I remember the toddler years.).

I had forgotten how many trees there were in Jersey. Kind of miss those. I had NOT forgotten how terrible the fraffic is. I do NOT miss that.

We spent an afternoon at Clementon Park and Splash World. Got a little bit of sun. Spent a few hours at Franklin Institute, one of the best museums in the country. Went to church Sunday morning (although we missed our old pastor who was on vacation). Spent an afternoon at the pool with some friends. Got a little too much sun. Spent an afternoon at the shore at Ocean City. Got significantly too much sun. :)

But the bulk of our time was spent just sitting around, talking to friends. How wonderful it was! Wish we could pack up some of those friends and ship them to Sioux City. Because as nice as it was to visit, the trip really confirmed to me what a good move this was for our family. The girls have grown so much here . . . Keith is so much more relaxed . . . I've found the writing/directing niche where I feel God has called me, at least for now. It was almost unbearably painful to leave three years ago, but the whole thing has served to remind me that God is in control and we can trust how he directs our lives.

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Haley said...

Here in Jersey, people always ask me how I'm so laid back. I swear it's the IOWA in me! Glad you found a good place for you.