Monday, October 29, 2012

Election Frustration

I can’t wait for this election to be over.  If only that meant the division and rancor would end, too, but it won’t.  It will probably just get worse.
I’ve tried hard lately to just keep my darn mouth shut about stuff.  I don’t think anyone is listening anymore anyway.  Most people have their minds made up who they’re voting for, and if they don’t, they’re ignoring the rhetoric because it’s all so ugly.   It’s one thing when we disagree; it’s another thing when we’re just trying to knock someone else down, whatever it takes, and be the last one standing.  That’s uncalled for and should be called out.
A few things I can’t let get by today:
- I seriously doubt that Obama needs to be held responsible for the Benghazi attacks.  The confusion of comments by administration officials afterwards – that he may need to take some responsibility for.  But if so, I expect it was an effort to downplay the event for political purposes and not a cover-up of some terrible conspiracy.  Tragedies happen in every administration.  Obama’s people have prevented many other tragedies before this.
- The guy in Indiana who made the rape/pregnancy/God’s will comment was (frankly, like it or not) stating a pretty standard Christian view.  Not every Christian believes it, but there is NOTHING unusual or terrible about believing that God could have stopped a woman from getting pregnant if He wanted to and didn’t because He wants that baby to be born.  There are scads of people alive out there whose conceptions were the result of a rape and who are making powerful, positive impacts on society.  You don’t have to agree with the man.  You can protest if he intends to promote policy forcing others to live by his beliefs (I’d probably protest with you).  But on a personal note, as a Christian, I refuse to apologize for the statement he made.  I think he’s right.
- On another personal note, I’m tired of every Obama critic on the planet being called a racist.  Racism is a very ugly charge, and it is one that should only be made when it can be made with certainty because it is almost impossible for the innocent accused to prove their innocence.  There are racists of every political persuasion and of every race. I may be underestimating the number of people out there who see Obama’s color as an issue, but I’m quite sure that the left-wingers are overestimating it.  There’s plenty to criticize that has nothing to do with the color of his skin – race doesn’t have to be an issue.  I doubt there are many left in the undecided camp who care that Obama is black.  If they cared that much, they wouldn’t be undecided.
You wanna know the worst part?  I’m betting that we won’t know who won on election night.  I’m betting this will be like 2000, when the counting and re-counting goes on for days.  Good grief.  It’s enough to drive one to the bottle.  Because unfortunately, it really can’t be ignored, people – this election really does matter.

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