Thursday, January 8, 2009

Let's Peek Into the Kandt Home Tonight . .

Eastin is upstairs getting dressed after her shower and singing at the top of her lungs. "We're SOOOAARin' . . FLYYYin' . . there's not a star in heaven that we can't REEEAAACH . . "

Leslie's in the shower now. We won't see her for a few hours, most likely.

Now it's "I love my MOOMMMMY . . and my DAAADDDY . . my sister and all my FAAMMILY . . ." With accompanying dancing -- bounces, arms flailing, a flash of lime green PJs.

Keith is in his recliner, his laptop on his lap. Probably playing "Civilization", Keith's and Eastin's favorite computer game. I've resisted the urge to even try it, because I'll get addicted immediately. I know myself well.

"I LOOVVE my MOOMMMMYY . . ." Keith reminds her that it's rude to be so loud when someone else is trying to watch TV.

I'm on the sofa, laptop on my own lap. Blogging. Duh.

The dog is in "his" chair, sleeping.

"The Office" is on TV, recorded from earlier. The fire is burning in the fake . . sorry . . gas fireplace. The girls' independent reading book, The Wind in the Willows, is lying open on the coffee table, making me proud. There's also a Spongebob chapter book lying next to it, making me cringe. Also the DVD cases from Schoolhouse Rock (love it) and The Magic School Bus: Space Adventures (we're studying astronomy right now).

The box the Wii came in is still sitting on the stairs, waiting to be thrown out. But because of my Robin-blog-stress, I don't know where to throw it out. Is it recyclable cardboard? Are those inserts plastic? And if I toss it, will Keith ask me later, "Where's the box the Wii came in? Why did you throw it out?"

I put the trash and recyclables at the curb earlier: one trashcan and a pile of boxes filled with paper/cardboard trash. I haven't been able to put them out for weeks because of the bad weather. Paper trash accumulates fast during the holidays.

Now Keith's upstairs putting Eastin to bed -- which entails reading a chapter of a book with her (they're reading Lion, Witch and Wardrobe, I believe -- she and I are reading The Horse and His Boy on my nights). My turn to put Leslie to bed tonight -- we're reading The Magician's Nephew (got a Narnia theme happening here).

I'm the only one downstairs right now (other than the dog). The Office is on pause . . and it's suddenly . . . very quiet. Wow. I'm not often completely alone like this. It almost feels spooky. Eep.

Ah. Keith's back. TV's on again. The dog's licking himself. Life is good. :)


Julie W. said...

Why did you take so long to update your khronicles? 6 days is a long time to read your thoughts, inspirations and editorials! In other words, I really enjoy reading the Kandt Khronicles!

GJK said...

Thank you, Julie! I take so long because I have a life. :) Seriously, I just get busy sometimes with other things and don't have time to sit down and write . . or I'm not particularly inspired with something to say. But it means a lot to me to know that people appreciate what I write! One gets to wondering sometimes, you know . .

Julie W. said...

I guess I can be patient if you think you need a life and not accomodate my every wish:)
Like you we stay pretty busy here too, but I am starting to see changes here now and days with both boys in high school, Alex driving, Kyle on the verge. I struggle with trying to to keep up with their activities but at the same time they don't "need" me as much (usually only for money or help filling out forms for one thing or another). I should be excited to spend more time doing things I like, but I feel more like I am in no mans land, lost, what is my purpose if the boys don't need me anymore? I told Paul the other day I wanted to adopte a baby, he looked at me like I had lost my mind. I guess he is going to have to keep reminding me of all the things we wanted to do when the boys were.......older? Independent? Gone? Not sure the right word there, but I am sure this is a normal transition.......right? How did I get so far left from the topic? Sounds like me:)

Meredith said...

1. I LOVE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS!!!! Ok, because I'm a science geek. I'm thinking of getting my middle school science teaching certification and if I do, I will most definitely be showing a bunch of episdoes of Magic School Bus in my class!! I learned so much from it.

2. Don't throw the Wii box away! Ok, so you're talking to someone who's entire family can't throw ANYTHING away, but you never know when you will need it. In 5 years you might want to sell it on ebay. In 20 years it might be a collector's item, worth money only if you have the box that goes with it, ha!!

DerricksAHor said...

I'm glad the Spongebob chapter book made you cringe. Just reading those words the first time made me shiver.

I think Meredith's on the right track (even if it sounds a bit pack-rat-ish). If you have the storage, use it. You never know when in a few months the next toy comes out and you want to put that thing away but then it just lays out there cluttering up your living room and life because you don't have the box anymore! Or when you want to send it back to Nintendo because the thingimabob broke and you have to send it back to the factory in the box to get a new one. If all of this rambling hasn't made it clear, let me now say that I think you should save the box.*

Love Derrick

* Note: I hate those boxes, and would hate to save one. If it were me, I'd've tossed the sucker in the trash by 12/25/2008.

GJK said...

Argh! Mer! Derrick! Get thee behind me, Satan! We don't need to store an empty box!!

Emily Oleaga-Talley said...

Gwen, I just threw our Wii box away yesterday and we got ours before Christmas. Toss it babe, the odds of the box or the Wii becoming a collectable are slim to none. If you need to ship it take it the the UPS store and they will pack it up and guarantee it arrives intact.

GJK said...

The box is long gone now. Thanks, Em. Crazy packrats . .