Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Note from Leslie!

Hi, it's me, Leslie. My first post... I hope it's good. Well actually I can't think of much to write about. I can tell you all one thing for sure though, I MISS NJ. But I am making some friends here. Of course, it's hard to make friends when your sorta quiet and shy, which I am, which some of you may not believe. :-)
I'll mention some of my friends, Lexi and her older borther Trey next door. Lexi is ten between Eastin and my age, and Trey is a year older than me but turned 14. Then I also am friends with a homeschooled girl a year younger than me, named Bethany. I also have a few more friends like Audrey and Carly... but those are the ones I see and play with the most.
Well, Mom has started dance, and Eastin basketball. Aparently they are both really good, and this is Eastins first time playing Basketball ever!
There has been alot of snow here, but there is not as much as there was in december. We also just came back from Kansas yesterday, what a trip! My cousin Ashlyn had two birthday parties in one day! One for friends and one for family (Eastin and I were invited to both) Hannah my other cousins birthday was celebrated along with Ashlyn's in the second party. I have to say, even though the second party was mostly adults, it was the most fun, and tiring! There were probaly 7 kids there in all, included Eastin, my cousins and I. One of the others was a 2 yr old little girl, at first the party was just talking and stuff, but near the end the kids were trying to keep a balloon in the air and pretty soon we had popped all the balloons in the room! We were all so sweaty, then my cousin brought us another ballon and another and anther until we had, maybe... ten or so. We realized my aunt and uncle were blowing them up in the kitchen. :-)
We were all so red faced, then the younger girls started chasing a ten yr old (or around that age)boy and made them even more tired, then we played tag... I tell you we almost got ourselves sick! I think that'll be enough excercise for the month!
Ashlyn didn't make it the next morning she woke up with a fever. Poor birthday girl! Of course pretty much 90% of the food us kids had eaten that day was sugar! The first party was fun too! The girls (and one of the girls brother) made body glitter and colored Hannah Montana pictures.
The day after the party we went to a planetarium, (Mom, Eastin and me, the others were pooped) and it was really cool! We got to see things explode! ;-)
Well, what else have I been doing? Hmm. Well, every Wednesday night at the church we've been going to, they have homeplate for kids, and jam for middle schoolers. I've gone to Jam a couples times and like it. I have my own small group (Lug) there and have made a few friends. It's good I'm in a Lug because there are so many people there! I don't wanna say it but I have to admit it is significantly bigger than my old church. Which brings me back to the fact. I sure miss NJ!
Well, I've probably been writing WAY to much already so I'll try to write more later.

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E said...

Hey Leslie!
Love the blog! I read it! Pretty long but there is alot to tell! Isn't there? Thank you for mentioning Homeplate. Gotta go check my emails! Ttyl!