Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Our New Weekly Schedule

So, as you may have read in Leslie's post, our evenings are starting to fill up with activities. Surprise, surprise, that the Kandt family would get involved in stuff . .

Monday nights, Keith has been going to play pick-up basketball at Sunnybrook Church. And I just started a dance class on Monday nights, too. Not exactly my dream class or anything -- it's only been me and one other lady both times I've gone. The choreography is not exciting. But it's a good workout, and that's what I need most right now, I suppose.

On Wednesdays, the girls are in activities at Sunnybrook. Eastin goes to "Home Plate", a program for 3-5 graders, from 5:30 to 8. They play in the gym a while, then they feed everyone dinner (a huge enterprise because it's a very big group). They have the kids divided into "families" with a "home parent" at each table who teaches a Bible lesson with the dinner (thus the name "Home Plate", I'm guessing?). Then they have a worship time with a full worship band and everything. The first week she went, Eastin was very quiet in the car going home and I was afraid something bad had happened while she was there. But she said, no, they sang songs in worship that we had sung at Hope and it made her homesick. Sniff.

Leslie goes to the middle school group -- they call it "JAM". It starts with a social time at 6 (they have pizza and chicken nuggets there to buy if you want), then they have a worship time and short . . . lesson? devotional? inspirational talk? whatever . . . from the middle school pastor. Then they divide up into small groups (they call them LUGS -- an acronym for something) for more focused Bible study. There are at least 100 kids at this. So far, she's enjoyed it. She's getting to know a couple girls in her LUGS group. But it's still intimidating to walk into this huge room of kids each week when she only knows a couple.

Then last night, Keith and I went to the first session of our small group we're now in at Sunnybrook. They had a big event last Saturday evening to put people together in groups. I was out of town but Keith bravely went alone. We're in a short-term trial group with 3 other couples. Last night we just had dinner and got to know each other. They seem nice enough. We'll have to see how it goes. This is my biggest concern about Sunnybrook so far. Keith and I just aren't really meeting people.

And Tuesday evening is also Eastin's basketball practice, with games on Saturday morning. We'll add choir for each girl on Thursday afternoons in March and April -- and soccer in the spring. And on Friday afternoons, we go to the P.E. activity the homeschool support group does. So, our time is filling up. The usual for us. It always cracks me up how people seem to think that homeschoolers are sitting around the house all day, isolated from humanity. Please. We'd all crack up.

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