Friday, February 20, 2009

All the World's a Stage . . At Least a Reasonable Chunk of Siouxland Is

So, I went to the theater again last night. Different theater. In fact, it has occurred to me that Siouxland has a good number of theater opportunities around here.

I already mentioned the Sioux City Community Theater where Leslie and I saw Holes. The girls and I are going to see Mulan Jr. there tomorrow night. And there was the Lamb Productions Theater where I saw Doubt. Excellent show. And of course, the grand Orpheum Theater that has its Broadway series (this coming week is Bye Bye Birdie, but I think I'm going to pass on that).

But I saw an article in the paper this weekend that reminded me there are two colleges in town. Last night, I saw Macbeth at Morningside College. It was a commendable performance (a tough play to do) -- well worth the $5 ticket and a couple hours of my time. Briar Cliff University also has a theater department. They're doing a Bertolt Brecht play in April. I imagine I'll be attending that one alone as well--doesn't sound like anything Keith or any of my friends would find entertaining.

And then, the woman I sat by at Macbeth last night (very nice lady . . apparently runs the coffee shop on campus there) reminded me that there's supposed to be a neat little theater in LeMars, the town where Blue Bunny is. They're doing a show called "The Marriage Counselor" next week. Might have to check that out. Apparently, they perform in an old renovated post office . . . that ought to be interesting enough to see in itself.

I've also been talking to some people about getting together some kind of drama program for the homeschoolers here in Sioux City. They've done some stuff in the past; they just need someone to head it up, I guess. So here I go again. The more we talk, however, the more excited I'm getting about it.

Now, if I could just fly Jo Robinson out here every week to come with me to all these shows, I'd be set. :)


Sue said...

Gwen, I recently started following your blog - love it. It's good to have this connection to you and I am really enjoying your musings. We miss you at HOPE.

The CandyLand article is a real added bonus. Loved the analogy - it SO works!

Sue Shaw

GJK said...

Thanks, Sue! So good to hear from you!