Saturday, February 14, 2009

It's a Good Day.

Let's start with the basketball game. Eastin's. She's number 23. Yeah, that's Michael Jordan's number. Uh huh. The man's got nuthin' on my girl.

You remember that she's never played basketball in her life before she started in this league a month ago. But she was hot today! Grabbing at the ball, getting rebounds (or at least going for them aggressively), dribbling down the court (although still with her eyes focused on the ball the whole time) . . and to everyone's joy, making her first basket ever during a game!!! Yeah!!! The coach and her family were on their feet, hands in the air, wahoo-ing to beat the band!

Then, there was the after-game party. Eastin invited her team over for pizza and Valentine's snacks. Only half the team could be here, but they had a great time. A big relief for me, because, as I think I've mentioned before, I'm not a great hostess or much of an entertainer. But the girls all seemed to hit it off and entertained themselves pretty well. A successful endeavor.

And then, there was the scale this morning. In my efforts to lose weight again, I have been limiting my sweets intake to Saturdays only -- and then only if I've lost at least one full pound since the last Saturday. I was not expecting to have met my goal this morning, and I was going to be completely BUMMED to go through a Valentine's Day without any kind of sweets (actually, to be honest, I'd already decided to eat something anyway, as a V Day gift to myself). But wonder of wonders . . I found myself down 1.7 pounds this morning! Another wahoo!! Now I can enjoy my cupcake and chocolate with no guilt.

Yet another small cause for rejoicing: Keith was able to put our new coat racks on the wall by the door going out to the garage this morning -- so we can get rid of the busted-up old floor-standing coat rack that takes up half the entryway from the garage and keeps falling over from the weight of our winter coats. Glory, hallelujah.

And WHAT'S MORE . . I get to go out on a date night with my husband on Valentine's Day!

Oh, yeah. It's a good day.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! This must have been a day for first baskets. Elijah got his first one today, too. Tell Eastin "congrats" on her basket.

And have a great time tonight with Keith on your date night. I am sure it is well needed and deserved.