Saturday, February 7, 2009

I Hate Shopping

Really. I mean, I know this calls my gender into question, but I really hate shopping. At least, shopping for non-consumables, such as clothes, furniture, etc. And the fact that I had to drive to Omaha this morning and spend all afternoon doing such shopping should bring pity into all of your hearts.

We need new furniture for our living room. What we have in here now, we bought for our first house about 18 years ago. It's really worn out. It has needed replacing for quite a while. So, we trekked down to Nebraska Furniture Mart to see what they had.

Good heavens! You've never seen a massive collection of furniture like that. It was overwhelming. It made my head swim and ache.

We had a pretty good idea of what we wanted going in, so at least we were able to eliminate a good 7/8 of what they had. But still, the stuff that we didn't eliminate all started to look the same . . . it all melted together in my mind . . . I couldn't distinguish one from another, or anything there from what we'd already looked at here . . . it started to seem like a completely pointless exercise. This is when I usually say, "Whatever," and do eeny meeny miney mo.

But there was one set we saw that was different, and that I really liked. Great big pillows for the back cushions and more pillows for leaning on. It was soft, cushy, and cozy. Nothing trendy or fashionable ("Home Beautiful" magazine will not be featuring our living room), just comfortable and roomy. That's what we wanted. Unfortunately, it was a much darker color than I wanted, but Keith thinks it will work fine. I'll trust him. I am no good at visualizing such things (which is one reason I hate shopping).

So, we have new living room furniture arriving in a couple weeks, and a couple new beds for the girls. They fell in love with these bunk beds -- bed on top, futon on the bottom. We decided that those are actually pretty practical for them. They need better seating in their rooms anyway. And how handy for sleepovers!

Unfortunately, that wasn't the end of it. I also needed a new winter coat. I don't even remember how old my current one is -- although I know the zipper broke when I was pregnant with Eastin, so that gives you a clue. Leslie and I went in to Burlington Coat Factory (don't have that in Siouxland) to find me a new one. There was nothing . . I repeat, nothing, that I liked. And if there had been, I wouldn't have been able to find it because there were too many coats. Sigh. I finally settled on something I think I can live with and rushed out as quickly as I could.

I hate shopping. I hate making purchases that will somehow be a reflection of me to everyone who sees it. "The clothes make the man (or woman)", they say. Please no! Don't look at what I wear -- or sit on or display on my mantle and walls -- and assume anything about me! I don't know how to express myself that way. You'll get me all wrong!

Words. I need words to communicate. That's what words are for.

And don't tell me to start wearing T-shirts with stupid sayings on them. I hate those. Ugh.


Julie W. said...

First of all I have read all of your post. I read your post like I am reading an editorial writer in the newspaper. Maybe you should write for a newspaper! I don't post in response very much well, if you have not noticed I do NOT have the gift for words. Usually what I am trying to say comes out all wrong and people either correct me or think I am being mean/judgemental, so, I keep to myself. But I love your post!

In a way I hate shopping too. Swimsuits are out (yuck) but I need a new one this year (waterworld in Denver did my last one in last year), but I went shopping yesterday (while Alex was taking the ACT) and found some great tops. I love to shop for furniture too. My problme is I never have money to shop, so I don't go very often. I don't mean that like I am broke or anything, but my money tends to go else where, for example: I just wrote a check for 225.00 for Alex's private music lessons, he needed a new tennis raquet for the coming season, 125.00. Next week I write a check for 150.00 for church camp for Kyle and 180.00 next month for drivers ed. Alex is going to Pharmacy camp in June, that will be 350.00 by the end of April. None of this includes their school lunch money, clothes etc. I am just glad I don't have to pay for their racing equipment too (thanks to Paul, that's his expense). I realize these are expenses I am all to happy to pay for, but sometimes when I realize I am wearing the same coat I bought when Kyle was 2 (13 years agao) I think, maybe I should pay more attention to myself. So, I would love to shop if I had the money (exluding swim wear), but since I don't, I hate to shop.

Julie W. said...

As I am sure you can see (being an English teacher) I don't proof read very well either. Re-reading my post I am finding several errors! You can hate shopping but I HATE ENGLISH AND GRAMMAR!!!!!!

GJK said...

LOL!! I threw out my red pens years ago, Julie. :)

Julie W. said...

Thanks! I just hope my son (Kyle wants to be either an English teacher, journalist or band teacher) leaves his at home during the holidays when he's older!

Robin Shreeves said...

I always corrected in purple pen. It seemed more friendly.