Sunday, February 22, 2009

Some Updates and Elaborations . .

Re: "The Sleep Saga" -- I called around the various medical facilities in the area looking for a sleep specialist and got a list, but they all require a referral from a primary care physician. So I called my neighbor and got a recommendation for a primary care physician -- with whom I have an appointment in a week or so -- but they need my records from my last doctor. So I called my family doctor in NJ to have my records forwarded to them, and they need a written confirmation of that request. And the saga continues. Somebody tell me how putting the government in charge of the health industry is going to make this any better . . .

Re: "Parenting with Disney" -- For those who were interested, the new Miley Cyrus song is called "The Climb". I think you can YouTube it (is that a verb now?). The video is pretty much the same old schlomp, but I like the song.

Re: "Trying to Fit In" -- I was visiting with one of those also-a-recent-transplant friends the other day and she confirmed my observations. A friend invited her to a swim party with a bunch of other moms last summer. They all politely introduced themselves, and then fell into their own conversations and left her sitting there alone. So strange. She also told me at roller skating last Friday that she was talking to a mom who just moved here from Texas in December who also said, "It seems like the friendliest people I've met are the people who aren't from here." So, it's not just me.

However, I don't want to disparage all of Siouxland women. That coffee shop lady at Macbeth the other night engaged me in conversation right away. And I had a nice conversation at the roller skating rink with a couple of ladies who seemed to actually be interested in me and my life (or at least how I teach writing to my kids . . that's a start).

Re: "It's a Good Day" -- Eastin made her second basket in a game yesterday. It was actually pretty funny. When her teammate threw the ball in to her from the sidelines, everyone else -- on both teams -- was confused and at the wrong side of the court. She had a straight shot to dribble right up to the basket and shoot. Although, from the look on her face, you could tell that they had her doubting herself about it, too . . why is everybody over there?

Re: "Desperately Praying Parent" -- Leslie's small group at Middle School JAM is doing a sleepover this Friday night. Leslie is not only going, but is excited about going. When I pointed out to her that Friday's the day her aunt is coming to visit, she quickly asked, "I'm still going to the sleepover, aren't I?" This is good.

Re: "Remembering the Sabbath" -- Sunnybrook is about to change its Sunday morning worship schedule again. Three services (actually six, since in each time slot they do two services), at 8:30, 10:00, and 11:30. So now our routine will be disrupted again. This church needs a bigger sanctuary. Or they need to do a church plant and divide up. I always wondered why people reject that choice so quickly.

Re: "Sin and Annihilation" -- It occurred to me after I wrote this that some of my friends may be a little disturbed by what I had to say. Let me clarify that I was doing some thinking out loud there. Just trying to find the connections in all the different strands God seemed to be bringing to my mind at the time. Thus, all the "hmmmmmmmm"s.

Re: "My Idol of Choice" -- Still struggling with these issues . . . still listening to God on this one . . . still happy to hear comments from others . . . more to follow, I'm sure.

How's that for a shameless attempt to get all you new folks to go back and read my old blogs? :)

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