Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Have We Passed the Stink Stage?

I'm feeling optimistic today. Cautiously optimistic. Fighting the urge to pessimistically anticipate bad things coming. Does that make sense?

Yesterday at our homeschool drama rehearsal, we put everything together for the first time -- singing, instruments, acting, dancing -- and all without scripts. And it went pretty darn well. So, I should be pleased, yes?

Well, see, my producer Kim and I have noticed this phenomenon when we put on a play. There always comes a rehearsal, usually about half-way through, where we come away thinking, "This is never going to happen. This is never going to come together in time." It happens in every show. One really terrible, stinkin' awful rehearsal.

We're half-way through now, and that hasn't happened yet. I expected it yesterday. I expected kids to not have their lines down, music to really stink, dance choreography to be completely forgotten, etc. etc. I was ready for that, and ready to psyche myself up for the last six rehearsals to pull everything together.

Soooo, does this mean our stinky rehearsal isn't coming this time? Or is it yet to come? I don't know if I can handle a stinky rehearsal too close to performance day, when I feel no comfort level of time to straighten stuff out.

But then, that's what this whole drama venture has been about, I guess . . . learning how to put it all in God's hands and let him do the doing. Maybe God's holding off the stinky rehearsal until a point where I will have to know the turn-around has been his own doing and not ours.

Orrrrrr . . . maybe these kids just rock!!!

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