Monday, April 30, 2012

My Stats

So, Blogger made some changes in its format.  Nothing that you all see from your end, but one neat addition on my end is very easy access to a "stats" page about my blog.  Wow!  Fascinating!  Some stats of interest:

- As of 8am this morning, my blog has received 10,010 page views in its history (although I note that the stats for the first couple years seem to be pretty messed up, so its likely more than that).  That is overwhelming.  And humbling.  I remain amazed that anyone cares to read what I have to say.  Thank you, everyone.

- Each of my posts average 20-30 views, although a popular one will get into the 50s.  But my January 5th, 2011 post on Being a Conservative received 286!!!  What in the world??  Where did all those people come from?  I really would love to know.

- They provide me with a world map of where my pageviews come from.  I apparently have a faithful reader or two in Canada!!  Again, where in the world did they come from?  I can't think of any friends I have in Canada . . .

- Almost all of the people who read my blog get there from Facebook.  Not a surprise.  But occasionally, someone comes from the blog of a friend of mine (I suspect that might be that friend) and somebody out there googles me to find my blog.  Hmm!

I'm sure I still have more to glean from my new stats page when I have time to study it more.  And I will be studying it more.  I've decided it's time I look into the possibilities of making some money with my writing.  What that's going to look like, I really don't know.  I just spend a lot of time writing, and it feeds me, so if it can help feed my family, too, why not?

This may mean some changes in my blog one of these days.  We'll see . . . in the meantime, thank you again, everyone, for checking in here occasionally.  I am blessed and humbled.

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