Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Thoughts On Being Sick

- I hate being sick.

- I probably shouldn't complain.  At least I don't have the pukey stomach flu stuff.  Actually, it's been a long time since I've had pukey stomach flu stuff.  I wonder what I'm doing right to keep it away.

- Puffs Plus tissue is quite a concept.  I wonder how they do that, putting lotion in the tissue? They're too expensive for regular daily use, but they're a Godsend when you're blowing your nose all day.

- Noah, the trombonist in my play Friday, is apparently sick, too.  We were very worried about him yesterday because he had the sore throat like me but also stomach problems.  His mom and I were thinking, "Strep!  Oh, no!"  Turns out the stomach part was part of a migraine.  An unusual form of migraine for him, but a migraine nonetheless.  The clincher?  Their family dog had a seizure last night, and mom says about 98% of the time, Noah's migraines and the dog's seizures happen on the same day.  How freakish is that?  Something to do with barometric pressure, she thinks . . .

- I took Nyquil the other night -- the first time I've taken sleep-inducing medication since the year started.  I was a little worried. Like the alcoholic risking a glass of wine at a party.  I think it probably helped me sleep some, but I still didn't sleep well.

- So far, this seems to be one of my typical cold cycles.  It starts with a sore throat.  Within a couple days, that wanes and I get really congested and have to blow my nose all day.  Eventually, that fades into a wicked cough.  And ultimately, the cough sticks in my chest for weeks and won't go away until the doctor gives me some heavy medication.  That's the part of this I dread.  I've got to do some research on this ahead of time and see if there's something I can do to prevent that.

- Doctors always say that the best treatment for a cold is rest and fluids.  Do you know anyone who rests when they have a cold?  I don't.  A cold lasts for a week or so -- who can take a week to rest?  And would a week of rest really make the cold go away any faster?  Or would it just make your life more pleasant during the cold?  Reminds me of the Beverly Hillbillies episode where Granny claims to have the cure to the common cold.  Do this, this and this, and your cold will be gone within seven days.  Yup.

- I'm doing the rest and fluids thing this week, though.  Friday is play day.  Tomorrow is dress rehearsal.  I need to be as healthy and rested up as I can be.


Charissa said...

I've had a very similar cold too and I'm supposed to sing in a duet for a giant alumni event in chapel today. I've been Erin king straight apple cider vinegar. 1-2 tbs chased by a truckload of water a couple times a day. It's amazing how fast it works. It's completely revolting, but highly effective.

Charissa said...

Drinking. Predictive text + I haven't finished my coffee yet= bizarre typos.