Sunday, June 24, 2012

Some Photos of Boquete, Panama

I'm having trouble moving these pics around into the order I want them.  Harumph!  But here are some images from our day in Boquete yesterday.

A fast-running creek in the Valle Escondido development --
one area we may consider living in.

My youngest dipping her feet in the creek.  It was beautiful here!  The sound of the rushing water
almost lulled me to sleep sitting there beside it.

Another shot of Valle Escondido.  They have a golf course here, a restaurant, a fitness club and more.

This is what much of "downtown" Boquete looks like.

But then you find spots like this . . .

Another beautiful creek we found on a drive up the mountain surrounding Boquete. 
The mountains were just beautiful -- none of our pictures could do them justice.

A fascinating rock formation we found on our drive. 

MANY houses we passed looked like this.  The girls have vetoed their purchase for our stay here.  :)

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