Monday, June 11, 2012


No, this isn't me.  Sorry!
I went zip-lining yesterday.  MInd you, I had no intention of going zip-lining yesterday.  I was planning on a relaxing day with my sisters on our sister trip in Branson -- taking a little hike somewhere, relaxing in the hot tub, playing some games -- but they had plans they surprised me with.  If this is our last trip before you leave for Panama, we need to make it memorable, they said.

Well, zip-lining with my sisters is certainly memorable.  You need to know, first of all, the nature of the Poland girls.  We are not adventurous types.  We are not athletes.  We are not outdoors people.  This is quite out of our comfort zone. 

There's a zip-lining place in Boquete that hubby and the girls want to go to when we're in Panama.  I've been hesitating.  I don't do heights well, generally.  I kind of thought I would watch the three of them enjoy the experience from the ground.  But now my sisters, 13 and 17 years older than me, are willing and even excited about the idea.  To back out of this would be . . . well, kind of pathetic. 

So, i strapped into my gear, put on my helmet, bantered with the guides to forget my nerves, and went zip-lining.  And it was great!  Just sit down in your harness and pick up your feet!  Yeah, I'll do this again.

Of course, there is the question of whether the safety guidelines will be as strict in Panama as they are here in (as our guide called it) sue-happy America.  But I'll still do it.  Oh, yeah.

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