Monday, June 4, 2012


When I wrote my post in March with the Sin Challenge, I asked you all to let me know after a while how it worked out for you.  And now a friend has done so.

Actually, it was a few weeks ago that she called and wanted to meet for lunch and talk.  To talk about writing.  Turns out, my friend had suddenly felt a calling from God to write a novel.  Well, no . . . suddenly isn't correct.  She'd apparently been feeling this call for quite some time but had resisted out of fear.  Fear of failure, fear of rejection . . . all that, you know.  And this is where the Sin Challenge came in. 

"My sin of insecurity has long ruled my life and permeated every decision," she said.  Can insecurity be a sin?  Oh, yes, it can be.  If God has made a certain path for your life very clear to you, and you refuse to walk that way for fear of what may come on that path, is that not the sin of rebellion?  If you prefer to make your own safe, little plans for yourself -- be your own god -- is that not idolatry?  If you think that God would point you down a road that is not in your best interests, or that he will not walk down with you, is that not unbelief and lack of faith?  For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. (2 Timothy 1)

"My sin challenge was to make war on that fear and break free from those chains," my friend told me.  To look that behavior in the eye and say, No -- this is over.  You do not rule over me.  I have another King, and he has defeated you.  To refuse to wallow in that sin any longer.  And by golly, it worked!  She said once she made the decision that she was going to write this novel God had laid on her heart, and that was all there was to it . . . the fear left.  And the words have been flowing onto the page ever since.  She doesn't know what will come of this novel.  Of course, publication would be awesome!  But she's certain she's supposed to write it, whatever comes of it.  And peace and enthusiasm have permeated her life since she chose to obey.

Yes!  This is what I wanted to hear -- stories of victory!  We need to hear them.  What has convicted me so deeply for the last couple years is how few stories of victory I have in my life . . . and that this was probably because I took on so few battles, particularly battles of any significance.  "We do not fight for victory; we fight from victory," Pastor Jeff said last month.  Amen!  Let's prove it to ourselves and the world.

Want to be re-inspired to try this challenge?  Re-read the posts I wrote before:  here.  And you don't have to meet me for lunch to tell me your victory stories . . . share it as a comment here on the blog.  Or send me an email or FB message.  I know we all want to hear from you.

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